Philadelphia’s Finest – A modern twist on timeless iconic beauties…

Photography: Victoria Roggio

Wardrobe Styling & Hair: Victoria Roggio

Makeup: Marianna McGrath

Model: Lauren McGrath

1st Look: This look was inspired by an American fashion icon and true beauty, Jackie Kennedy.  She is best remembered for her sophisticated, classic sense of style – a look that somehow embodied the balance between restraint and rebellion that characterized 1960s American culture.   We created this look with a sophisticated aquamarine dress in a classic cut (Banana Republic), paired with a collar necklace encrusted in earthy-toned gemstones. The styling for this Jackie shoot struck a balance between trendy and classic, modern.  True to the 1960s look, for makeup we gave her a strong, clean winged eyeliner to finish off an understated smoky eye pallet of warm neutral golden browns. To bring that ‘60s Jackie look into 2014, we applied a light peachy lip and blush (

2nd Look: Strength…femininity…eyebrows.  This look was inspired by none other than Frida Kahlo.  This fierce Mexicana is not only notable for her fantastic artwork – she also survived a crippling bus crash in her teens, navigated a turbulent marriage to Diego Rivera, and incited the oppressed as a true Revolutionary (Watch the film Frida with Salma Hayek…seriously).  She had a great love for the indigenous people of Mexico, and honored them in her dress and hairstyles.  For this look, we created a strong yet feminine look with a bold purple statement lip.  Hair was styled with a nod to the native tradition of incorporating flowers crowning the head, framing the face

Victoria Roggio

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