One Graphic Tee, A Million Different Options


Graphic tees are my favorite “slouch around all day but still look cute” wardrobe option. But now, you don’t have to sentence your favorite band tee to perpetual lazy-day doom. Check out these great tips to dressing up that graphic tee so you look fabulous no matter the occasion!


Skirts. To add a feminine touch, tuck your tee into a skirt. If the tee is plain colored, try to pair it with a patterned or bright-colored skirt to add some flair. Pencil, circle, and maxi skirts work best with tees.

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Pants. Pairing a tee with statement pants is a great way to dress up a tee without trying too hard or having to put too much effort into the outfit. A tee tucked into trousers or harlem pants adds a contemporary look, where colored denim portrays a playful demeanor.

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Blazers. If you’re looking for a put-together and tailored look, layer a blazer over your tee. Stick with classic black or spice it up with a bright color or pattern.

bangle picture credit: 1st picture credit: 2nd picture credit: 3rd picture credit: The perfect accessories to a tee will tie together an outfit and give an easy look a polished appearance. Statement necklaces, colorful bangles, and chunky rings are the perfect jewelry components to add to your tee. Patterned belts and heels go perfectly with a tee and a great bag!


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