Stripes, and Leopard, and Floral! Oh, My!

Spring is almost in full swing, and we all know what that means: new trends! A trend you’ll be seeing this season is mixing different patterns. Previously thought to be a fashion faux-pas is now a fashion revolution! Stripes and leopard, floral and polka-dots…the possibilities are endless! However, this can prove to be a daunting task in fear of looking like someone who just walked out of a carnival freak show. Luckily, Makemeuppretty has the top six tips you need to know when it comes to tackling patterns and prints this season!

 * Avoid more than two patterns. When you have an overwhelming amount of patterns, the eye gets confused and can cause the outfit to look like a pattern-nightmare. By sticking to two main patterns, you’re able to find the perfect balance between tacky and chic.

* Patterns can balance an outfit. Simple patterns like black and white stripes and polka-dots can actually act as the tool that brings the outfit together. They match with essentially everything so they’re super easy to play around with and experiment.

* Stick to the same color palettes. To ensure that your look drops jaws, make sure there is at least one color in both of the prints. This common color will tie the two prints together, making it look more cohesive.

*  Attract. Try not to put two big prints together. Try one small print and one big one. They will complement each other perfectly without making you look like wallpaper.

* Break it up. Don’t do pattern overkill. Pairing two patterns with a neutral color will help even the outfit out and allow all of the patterns to be more united.

* Own it! Have confidence in your look—that’s the most important part! Confidence is sexy. When you have confidence in yourself, it reflects onto those around you. Make sure you wear it proudly and strut down the street like you just got off of a runway! The best way to feel outwardly beautiful is to first start inwardly!

Written by:  Rebecca Kate Dierolf


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