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Wear Neons Without Looking Like a Highlighter


Adding neons to any outfit is a definite way to bring some sass! Better yet, when worn correctly, neons can brighten your complexion and add that extra ‘wow factor’ to any outfit—casual or dressy! Here are five great tips to pulling off neons perfectly without looking like your high school highlighter.

1. Play Up Colors That Already Look Great On You. If you look great in deep blue, try electric blue instead! Do you always look flawless in pale pink? Why not try neon pink? By sticking with the same color pallets that you already pull off without a hitch, you can master neons in no time.

2. Start Small. If you’re new to neons and are not sure how to reach the perfect balance, start small. Adding neon accessories to an outfit featuring neutrals can add the perfect pop without going overboard. Great accessories to start with are bags or clutches, shoes, necklaces, or even nail polish!

3. Pair Plainly. If you’re going for something playful and fun but not overdone, pair neons with light neutrals such as white or beige. As the spring and summer seasons come to an end, pair neons with darker neutrals like grey or black.

4. Color Block. If you want to wear more than one neon color, color blocking is the perfect go-to! Color blocking is when each article of clothing is a different, solid color (as seen in the lower-most left-hand picture in the collage). Pairing solid colors brings an outfit together perfectly without becoming tacky or confusing for your eyes.

5. Own It. The most essential part to any outfit is owning it! Be confident, feel powerful, and know you’re beautiful exactly how you are! Master this tip and you’ll be the envy of the neon world!

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Victoria has trained among industry leaders at MAC Cosmetics, the Make Up For Ever Academy in Paris, Jean Madeline Aveda Institute, and world-renowned spas. Since entering the bridal scene in 2011, Victoria has worked with hundreds of clients across the U.S. and abroad.