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2010 Spring/Summer Makeup Trends by Victoria

Dear ladies! It’s that season of the year when we need to dedicate more time to ourselves and make some changes in our daily makeup look…This past winter, I was creating dramatic looks with strong accents and expressive eyes. Now I am all about shifting towards warm summer days…Shimmer, natural looks and bright pops of color in everything from beige, light purples, soft pinks and fresh greens to corals.

I love the look of shimmer on the eyes and cheeks, especially after getting some warm touches of the sun on your skin:)

At this time of year, I recommend soft makeup for a natural and delicate look, I noticed the same natural tendency is common also in fashion and hairstyling. The closer to natural you get, the better your overall appearance.

This spring, ladies, I would stay away from thick foundations and too much powder on the face. Even  if you are using foundation or powder, your skin should be bright in color and as close to your natural tone as possible. Health and brightness are the key words to have in mind when choosing a makeup base or foundation for this season. Look for SPF factors and moisturizing ingredients. If you want to hide some imperfections on your skin, you can apply a light liquid foundation, but not too much, leaving your skin with a natural feel as it needs to breath freely.

For blush applications, I advise you to borrow the colors of blossom trees (shades of pink, peach, rose, etc.). All of these shades can be great combination with your natural skin tones. When applying blush on your cheeks you may consider the following: apply a creamy blush over a liquid foundation, apply a powdery blush over a powder foundation. This will blend easier and you will not have to deal with unsightly spots of color and an unnatural appearance. Of course ladies, these are just my opinions. You are the best and final judge of what works for you! Photos courtesy of Jauhien Sasnou.

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Victoria has trained among industry leaders at MAC Cosmetics, the Make Up For Ever Academy in Paris, Jean Madeline Aveda Institute, and world-renowned spas. Since entering the bridal scene in 2011, Victoria has worked with hundreds of clients across the U.S. and abroad.