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Beauty Inspired By Nature

beauty inspired by nature

Everything we do at VRB is inspired by the beauty of the natural world around us – from the rolling sunflower fields of Moldova to the little pockets of urban gardens throughout our home city of Philadelphia. Our approach to beauty goes beyond the skin, involving the well being of our mind, body, and spirit. We didn’t just want to settle with using “big name” products with fancy packaging, but rather, seek out brands whose product formulations and mission align with our vision of holistic beauty. We believe this can be fostered through actions that not only sustain ourselves, but sustain the greater beauty community and environment.

Below you’ll find a sneak peek at the brands and products we are excited to be using at VRB on all of our beloved clients. We chose these after many months of research and trialing the products on ourselves, to see how they would react on our skin, how effective they were at delivering results, and overall, how they made us feel!

Weleda produces one of the tried and tested products that each of our artists love to use for a hydrating skin prep before a makeup application: Skin Food. This rich moisturizer is formulated with extracts of chamomile and calendula to soothe the most sensitive of skin, all enlaced into a nourishing blend of sunflower oils that provide moisture without clogging pores. We love how glowing this cream makes the skin look, to provide a soft and supple skin base for a flawless makeup look. We are also excited about how intentional Weleda is with the sourcing of their ingredients. The company has longstanding partnerships with many family-owned farming operations throughout Europe to source many of their ingredients. The lavender used to create the essential oils that give their products a calming aroma is grown by family-based farming cooperatives in Moldova, where our very own Victoria was born and raised!

Kos Paris based out of Paris, France, this brand combines a clean, luxury aesthetic with clinically tested high-active ingredients to deliver a precious moment of skincare bliss! Our team raves about the Floral Water for its multi-purpose use, from toning the skin after cleansing, to setting makeup for a dewy finish, to providing a simple, refreshing spritz on the go. The natural rose extracts are a great refresher at any time of the day, while delivering deep hydration to rejuvenate any skin type. Ultimately, we chose to work with Kos Paris because of it’s multifaceted philosophy towards beauty products: to combine “…the powerful natural assets of the plant world, rich textures and an enduring respect for the environment”.

At VRB, we are constantly keeping tabs on emerging beauty brands that claim clean and sustainable operations, as well as existing brands who are trying to make changes around how their products affect the environment at large. Any brands can claim sustainability and effectiveness in their advertising. But we think it’s important for our clients to have the knowledge as a consumer to make informed decisions about the products you are investing in – that’s why we will always test each and every product in our daily lives before we recommend it to you, so that we can provide an honest opinion! If you have any questions about any of the brands we are working with, or know of a brand with strong social and environmental commitments that you’d like to see VRB working with, let us know!

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Victoria has trained among industry leaders at MAC Cosmetics, the Make Up For Ever Academy in Paris, Jean Madeline Aveda Institute, and world-renowned spas. Since entering the bridal scene in 2011, Victoria has worked with hundreds of clients across the U.S. and abroad.