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Oils in Skincare: Double Cleansing and More

Oils in Skincare

Oily skin can be an issue for many of us, especially in the warmer summer months when we are sweating more often and (hopefully) layering on our sunscreen throughout the day. If you are someone who is prone to oiler skin, you might have a tendency to stray away from oils in skincare, out of fears that they will exacerbate feeling like your face is greasy. However, incorporating oils into your daily routine can be incredibly beneficial for all skin types, enabling your skin to better balance the oil it produces.

One direction you can take is Incorporating oils into the “double cleanse” method, in which you first apply a cleansing oil to your face, followed by your usual gel or foaming cleanser. Oil attracts oil, so applying an oil-based cleanser to a dry face ensures that anything you’ve applied throughout the day, like makeup or a sunscreen, is effectively removed from your skin. It softens the pores, loosening up any blackheads and congestion. This enables the gel or foaming cleanser you use afterwards to penetrate into pores to really clean out debris. Take your time on the oil cleanse – up to several minutes if you have the time – and treat it like a mini face massage for a moment of self-care! As far as professional products go, we’ve been testing the Kos Paris Cleansing Oil, which combines jojoba and sesame oils with camellia oil, traditionally used in Japanese skin care. You can also use high-quality, more shelf-stable oils such as grapeseed or sunflowers oils, or makeup removing balms for the first step of your cleanse. 

Serums can be another great way to incorporate nourishing oils into your skincare routine. A serum can be a superpowered treatment to help you target specific skin concerns. A favorite of ours at VRB is the Kos Paris Chamomile Serum, which interlaces soothing chamomile extracts into vitamin-rich safflower oil to provide a calming effect for sensitive skin. Meanwhile, the Elixir des Légendes, or Anti-Aging Serum, combines a blend of oils from prickly-pear seed, açaí berry, and rose geranium to provide firming and toning properties, while also targeting hyperpigmentation and blemishes. 

While oils can be a great softener for all skin types, don’t let it replace your standard moisturizer! Keeping your skin hydrated is especially important when using oils in your skincare routine. Skin that is dehydrated, whether it be from lack of moisture, over-exfoliation, or exposure to harsh weather, can make it harder for the natural oils that your skin produces – and anything you add on top such as a serum – to sink in and penetrate the skin. This results in oil sitting on the surface, giving you that overly oily feeling. At the end of the day, we can’t lessen the amount of oil that our skin produces naturally, as this comes down to our genetics and hormones, unique to each individual. But by keeping the topmost barrier of our skin hydrated and intact, we can better balance the distribution of this oil. Furtuna Skin is a great go-to to pair with facial oils – its formula incorporates lighter oils from sunflower seed, with hydrating ingredients like olive oil extract amongst other organic ingredients from Sicily. 

In short, oils can provide a tremendous range of benefits when incorporated into different steps of your skincare routine. If you have a favorite oil that you’ve found good results with, share it with us!

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