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New Year Ritual: Detox Your Medicine Cabinet (IS Clinical)

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As we enter a new year, it’s the best time to detox our minds, bodies, and homes of all of the excess. Think about when you clear out your kitchen pantry, you toss expired goods because you know certain products don’t last long. This concept holds true for beauty products as well, and incorporating this ritual as part of your overall cleaning and organizing habits will not only benefit your cabinet space but give you more insight into what your skin needs (or doesn’t need!).

Step 1: Gather Your Products In One Space.

It’s not uncommon to have make up, skincare, and beauty tools scattered in different places – maybe some in your vanity cabinet, in your purse, in the car, and so on. Once you have everything gathered together, you can separate and categorize them accordingly.

Step 2: Check The Expiration Dates.

All beauty products have an expiration date. Expired products harbor bacteria, which can irritate your skin or cause infections. The active ingredients in skincare can lose their potency quickly, especially oils and clean beauty products that don’t have any parabens. Be mindful of products packaged in jars, as they are exposed to light and air often which can break down ingredients. 

Tip #1: Always remember to use freshly washed, clean hands when retrieving creams from jars to apply to your skin, to avoid introducing new bacteria into the jar. 

Look for this symbol printed on the packaging, which tells you how long a product will last after opening.

If there is no expiration date printed, ask yourself “When was the last time I used this?”. Pay close attention to changes in color, consistency, or smell in the product. If any of these 3 factors have changed, don’t take the chance and throw it out. 

Tip #2: To keep track of dates in the future, write the month you opened it on the bottle. 

Tip #3: Remember that the closer the product is used to the eyes, the shorter its lifespan. 

Tip #4: Make up and beauty products that are exposed to heat and changes in temperature (i.e. items stored in your car or suitcase) don’t last as long and can expire faster.

Step 3: Streamline Your Skincare Routine.

Filtering through all of the products in your collection will allow you to see what you still use consistently and help you decide if those products are really working for you. Be mindful that your skin changes over time, and what worked for you one year ago may not suit you anymore.

Step 4: Set Your Skincare Goals For The Year.

And stick to them. Take advantage of this abundant time we have at home now – be diligent by following your routine daily based on your skincare needs. Minimizing clutter in your vanity space will create a clean and positive environment for you to be motivated to take the best care of your skin every day, morning and night.

Step 5: If You’re Stuck, Ask For Help.

If you don’t know where to start or have skincare concerns that need special attention, ask one of our professional beauty experts to assist you. Don’t forget to set up a consultation with us via phone or email at

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Victoria has trained among industry leaders at MAC Cosmetics, the Make Up For Ever Academy in Paris, Jean Madeline Aveda Institute, and world-renowned spas. Since entering the bridal scene in 2011, Victoria has worked with hundreds of clients across the U.S. and abroad.