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Coconut Oil Cure-All!

BY REBECCA DIEROLF For ages, coconut oil has been used in rural countries around the world as a cure-all for countless health ailments. More recently, coconut oil has been used as a remedy for many beauty issues, ranging from brittle hair, to blemish-ridden skin, to stained teeth! Here are just some of the countless ways […]


This Saturday Shea and I had an awesome time working with Tina & Norm for their engagement shoot at the University of Pennsylvania.  You can barely tell the heat index was 100+. As a makeup artist, sometimes with such weather it is very tricky to create a perfect look and mantain it in extremely hot weather […]

2010 Spring/Summer Makeup Trends by Victoria

Dear ladies! It’s that season of the year when we need to dedicate more time to ourselves and make some changes in our daily makeup look…This past winter, I was creating dramatic looks with strong accents and expressive eyes. Now I am all about shifting towards warm summer days…Shimmer, natural looks and bright pops of […]