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    My name is Victoria Roggio.  I am a Philadelphia based Makeup Artist and Stylist working in Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey and Beyond (you name the place and I’ll travel there).  

I was born and raised in the Republic of Moldova, Eastern Europe.  Since I was a child, I’ve always been fascinated with art and the professional makeup industry.  My mother was a makeup artist who I spent years shadowing as an apprentice.  Since then, I’ve created my own philosophy and it’s simple.  I believe in my artistic talent and I believe in myself.  I use my creative skills and vision to help bring out the best in people while keeping an emphasis on their natural beauty.  

I will help you achieve the perfect look for any occasion, using makeup to enhance your natural features and to project an attractive persona that maintains it’s own distinct character.  I love what I do and that type of passion speaks for itself. 

I am available for commercial and editorial shoots along with weddings or any other unique event.  Please feel free browse around and definitely reach out to me if you’d like to learn more about my services offered or would like to collaborate. 

    Warm regards,


Wear Neons Without Looking Like a Highlighter


Adding neons to any outfit is a definite way to bring some sass! Better yet, when worn correctly, neons can brighten your complexion and add that extra ‘wow factor’ to any outfit—casual or dressy! Here are five great tips to pulling off neons perfectly without looking like your high school highlighter.

1. Play Up Colors That Already Look Great On You. If you look great in deep blue, try electric blue instead! Do you always look flawless in pale pink? Why not try neon pink? By sticking with the same color pallets that you already pull off without a hitch, you can master neons in no time.

2. Start Small. If you’re new to neons and are not sure how to reach the perfect balance, start small. Adding neon accessories to an outfit featuring neutrals can add the perfect pop without going overboard. Great accessories to start with are bags or clutches, shoes, necklaces, or even nail polish!

3. Pair Plainly. If you’re going for something playful and fun but not overdone, pair neons with light neutrals such as white or beige. As the spring and summer seasons come to an end, pair neons with darker neutrals like grey or black.

4. Color Block. If you want to wear more than one neon color, color blocking is the perfect go-to! Color blocking is when each article of clothing is a different, solid color (as seen in the lower-most left-hand picture in the collage). Pairing solid colors brings an outfit together perfectly without becoming tacky or confusing for your eyes.

5. Own It. The most essential part to any outfit is owning it! Be confident, feel powerful, and know you’re beautiful exactly how you are! Master this tip and you’ll be the envy of the neon world!

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One Graphic Tee, A Million Different Options


Graphic tees are my favorite “slouch around all day but still look cute” wardrobe option. But now, you don’t have to sentence your favorite band tee to perpetual lazy-day doom. Check out these great tips to dressing up that graphic tee so you look fabulous no matter the occasion!


Skirts. To add a feminine touch, tuck your tee into a skirt. If the tee is plain colored, try to pair it with a patterned or bright-colored skirt to add some flair. Pencil, circle, and maxi skirts work best with tees.

1st picture credit: 2nd picture credit: 3rd picture credit:

Pants. Pairing a tee with statement pants is a great way to dress up a tee without trying too hard or having to put too much effort into the outfit. A tee tucked into trousers or harlem pants adds a contemporary look, where colored denim portrays a playful demeanor.

1st picture credit: 2nd picture credit: 3rd picture credit:

Blazers. If you’re looking for a put-together and tailored look, layer a blazer over your tee. Stick with classic black or spice it up with a bright color or pattern.

bangle picture credit: 1st picture credit: 2nd picture credit: 3rd picture credit: The perfect accessories to a tee will tie together an outfit and give an easy look a polished appearance. Statement necklaces, colorful bangles, and chunky rings are the perfect jewelry components to add to your tee. Patterned belts and heels go perfectly with a tee and a great bag!
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Coconut Oil Cure-All!


For ages, coconut oil has been used in rural countries around the world as a cure-all for countless health ailments. More recently, coconut oil has been used as a remedy for many beauty issues, ranging from brittle hair, to blemish-ridden skin, to stained teeth! Here are just some of the countless ways coconut oil can help you feel beautiful—inside and out!

Hair. Coconut oil can help your hair grow faster by providing it with essential vitamins, minerals, and moisture. By massaging a few tablespoons of coconut oil into your scalp (once a week if you’re prone to oily hair, two to three times a week for dry hair), your tresses can be free to grow long and strong with extra shine!

Skin. If your face is prone to acne, oil is probably the last place you’d look for a treatment, right? Think again! Coconut oil has bacteria-fighting properties that can actually reduce blemishes on your skin…even if your face is already oily; just limit application to once or twice a week. This method has helped me clear up my perpetually greasy and acne-filled face in less than fourteen days! I started applying a very thin layer of coconut oil to my face twice a week for fifteen minutes before washing it off. The result is brilliant, radiating skin I never dreamed of having!

Teeth. This use of coconut oil is without a doubt the most bizarre, but coconut oil can actually whiten your teeth and help you get rid of bad breath! This method is called “oil pulling”, something you may have heard of before. The same bacteria-fighting properties in the oil that help your skin can also help your teeth. By swishing around a tablespoon of coconut oil in your mouth for ten minutes three times a week, your teeth can become whiter and your breath significantly fresher. This works because bad-breath-causing bacteria become “stuck” in the oil as you swish it around. Plaque and tartar also become lodged in the oil, whisking it away and leaving your teeth sparkling. It might not taste the most pleasant, but coming from an avid oil-puller, it’s well worth it!

*Helpful tip!* Make sure you purchase organic or virgin coconut oil. Purchasing refined coconut oil, which is processed with a bunch of other additives and sugar, won’t give you the same results as organic coconut oil. 

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5 Minute Summer Styles


With the heat and humidity, your hair can be difficult to manage. Luckily, there are ways to tame your mane while also looking fabulous this summer! Here are some of our favorite go-to hairstyles for summer that keep your hair out of your face and take less than five minutes to create!

(1) Scunci No Damage Hair Ties, $3.  (2) Wide and fine tooth comb, $3.  (3) Frizz-Ease Hair Serum Original Formula, $8.  (4) T3 SinglePass Twirl 1.25″ Curling Iron, $99.  (5) Redken Control Addict 28 Extra-Hold Hairspray, $20.  (6) Redken Rootful 06 Root Lifting Spray, $16.  (7) Conair Bobby Pins, $3.

(1) Dainty Halo ; Start with your hair curly. Run a dime-sized amount of friz control serum through the length of your hair. Part your hair on one side. Grab about a one and half inch section of hair at the front (where bangs would be). Split the section in half. Twist the two sections, twisting towards the back of your hair. As you continue to twist, grab small sections of hair to add to pieces of the hair before you twist it to join the rest of the hair (similar to french braiding). Pin in the back of your head, and repeat on the other side of your part. Join the two twists in the back, secure with bobby pins, and finish with a light coat of hair spray.

(2) Power Punch ; Start with your hair curly or wavy. Start out by gathering the front-most portion of your hair (where bangs would be). Lift the hair and back-comb the underside of the section. This will give it volume. Add a small amount of hair to the section you just back-combed, and tie with a hair tie. Split your hair into two more sections (pictured below). Take the top portion, slide the hair tie back a bit so the ponytail is about 1″ off of your head. Split the hair above the hair tie in two, and flip the pony tail through the split towards your head. Pull the ponytail through. Do the same with the middle and bottom pony tails. Fish the hair from the top ponytail through the split in the middle twist. Do the same with the bottom twist until the hair from both the top and middle ponytails are threaded through the bottom twist. Loosen the twists so the hair is voluminous. Finish off with hairspray.

(3) Knot Your Average Bun ; Run a dime-sized amount of anti-friz serum through the length of your hair, avoiding the root area. Back-comb the backside of the crown of your hair. Flip your head upside down and french-braid your hair, braiding towards the top of your head. Tie off the braid with a hair tie and flip your head back over. Gather the top portion of your hair onto the top of your head and add the braid. Remove the hair tie from the braid, and tie all the hair onto to the top of your head into a ponytail. Twist the hair around the ponytail into a bun and secure with another hair tie. Secure loose hairs with bobby pins. Finish with hairspray.

(4) Playful Pony ; Start with straight or wavy hair. Spray the roots on the top of your head with root lifting spray and blow a hair-dryer on your roots for a few seconds with your head upside down. This will add volume. French braid the top portion of your hair only. Tie off the braid at the back of your head. Sleek back the sides of your hair and join them with the braid. Gather all of your hair and tie off in the back to make a ponytail. Pull the hair tie tight. Spray the sides of your hair with hairspray and sleek back to define the top braid. Lightly spray the braid with hairspray and secure any loose hairs with bobby pins.

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A Cairnwood Estate Wedding

Photography: Master Studio Photography

Makeup: Victoria Roggio


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